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Dave Gran
Melissa, Dave, Isaac and pup Zoey
Melissa, Dave, Isaac and pup Zoey
Dave primarily races an 1987 Honda Prelude si within SCCA’s competitive Improved Touring B (ITB) class. In the North East where he races, he consistently runs at the front of the pack, and has earned multiple race wins and track records.

Birth date: June 12, 1974
Hometown: Newington, CT
Home Track: Lime Rock Park
Current racecar: 1987 Honda Prelude si, races in SCCA’s Improved Touring B (ITB)
Daily Driver: 2004 Chevy Tahoe

Kai Noeske
Motorsports Writer & Assistant Editor
Kai and his girlfriend
Ivy and Kai
Kai is a staff astrophysicist for a space satellite telescope, hence his nickname "astrophysathingy". He grew up in Germany and had his first contact with fast driving on the Autobahn, and on winding country roads where he drove ambulances for his national service. In 2003 he moved to the U.S. where he eventually rediscovered his love for racing that he had as a child. After finding Dave's book, it cemented him in becoming hooked.

Kai has been actively participating in motorsports since July 2009. In addition to participating in autocross, and high performance driving events, he also earned his SCCA racing license in 2010.

Birth date: March 23, 1973
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Home Track: Summit Point Raceway
Current racecar: 1999 Honda Civic Si, races in SCCA’s Showroom Stock C (SSC)
Daily Driver and Occasional Track Rat: 1993 Toyota Corolla
Additional Interests: Kai lives and works in Baltimore, MD and enjoys traditional Karate, skiing, photography and racing.

Jake Gulick
Motorsports Writer

Jake's love for cars and all things mechanical and moving dates back to his Hot Wheel days. He studied design at RIT in Rochester NY, and The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena Ca, and has been dabbling in one form of motorsports or another since the day after he graduated from college. He did a stint in the automotive prototyping business in SoCal (show cars for GM, Ford, etc) with a design firm that served the automotive and products industries, and currently works in the residential design industry doing design/build work, in Fairfield County CT. When he's not working with wood, he can be found welding and fabricating parts for his race car, or restoring his weekend car, a 1973 Porsche 911E. He's raced at tracks from New Hampshire to San Francisco to Atlanta and many in between and holds lap records at a number of them in SCCA's Improved Touring 7 class.

Jake has been involved in may volunteer roles for a number of motorsports clubs, and just finished a 7 year stint as a member of the Improved Touring Advisory Committee. (The ITAC) Within SCCA an advisory committees is charged with forming strategy and direction along with rules making and car classification for each of the categories of cars that SCCA sanctions. The AdHocs report to the Competition Racing Board, which approves and finalizes their work for the National rule book, the GCR. Another aspect of volunteering finds Jake instructing with several groups that provide track time as well as race instruction. When not behind the wheel, Jake is often found in the pool, working out as a Masters swimmer. He's done the Swim Across the Sound charity swim for nearly a decade. He hates running but will pedal his Specialized, or, for longer rides, straddles his Ducati instead.

Hometown: Black Rock, CT
Home Track: Lime Rock Park, CT
Current racecar: Mazda RX-7, races in the Improved Touring IT-7 class. (Subset of ITA)
Daily Driver: 2003 M3 convertible, 1973 Porsche 911E fair
Weather/Track Car: 2005 Ducati St4

Jodi Fore
Web Guru and Programmer

If you were to ask Jodi specific questions about racing, she may give you a blank look. But if you ask her about web design, creating a mentor program, and other technical aspects of this project, her eyes will light up and begin developing creative solutions. So while Jodi might not be a racing guru, she's been instrumental in developing and growing this resource.

Birth date: May 20, 1978
Hometown: Rockville, CT
Current Hardware: Intel Core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX570 Card, 6GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive
Gaming Addict of: World of Warcraft, Rift, DCUO and many more
Daily Driver: Toyota Camry 1999

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