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Autocross events (also referred to as Solo events) allow you to take your streetcar and race it in a very safe and controlled environment. You will be competing against other drivers in your respective class by taking a timed lap around a temporary course defined by traffic cones one car at a time. Of course, the goal is to drive the course as fast as you can. Can you believe that you can do this for an entry fee of as little as $20 for the day? It is a blast to do!

Autocross - Racing with Very Little Investment

Especially in the down economy, many hobbies are taking a backseat but racing doesn’t have to! In fact, autocrossing is an extremely attainable sport which requires little financial and time to be invested to begin racing. Learn just how attainable autocross racing is.

Where to Begin

Getting Your Feet Wet & Creating a Plan Develop a plan to begin autocrossing starting with learning where events are hosted near you.

Preparation Before the Autocross Event Learn important things you’ll need to know and do prior to attending an autocross event.

What You Should Bring to an Autocross Event & How Much Does it Cost? Why is white shoe polish something you should consider bringing? What else would be useful to bring? And how much does a typical autocross event cost?

At the Autocross Event

What happens at an autocross event and how can you be better prepared? There are several items that will be valuable and lead to less confusion if you know it ahead of time. Read about it here.

Snell Helmet Rating Explained

What is a Snell helmet rating and how does this effect you? What is the difference between an M racing and a SA racing, and where can the sticker be found on helmets to determine which certification they have? Learn more about this important safety gear certification.

The Benefits of in-car Video

Not only is in-car video fun to watch, there are also other benefits to having video. In this section, you’ll learn how having video can be an aid to improving your autocross driving skills.

Autocross Race Tires

Depending upon the class you race in, your goals and budget – autocross tires can make a huge difference. Are these autocross race tires something you should be looking into further? Or do using street tires make more sense for you? Understand which are the right tires for you.

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