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Racecar Build and Preparation

Regardless of whether your intention is getting a race prepped car or you will be participating in Autocross, High Performance Driving Events, or Time Trials, this section will help you properly prepare your car. Before you make any modifications, ensure it’s within the rules of the class(es) you will be racing in and goes along with the goals you’re established for the future.

Learn how to determine which racing category and class is right for you. The next step is acquiring a racecar. Ah, to buy or build? The pros and cons are discussed along with the steps involved for both decisions.

Understand why buying an already built racecar makes so much sense!

Why building a racecar might make sense for you. This section begins the process of what it takes to build a safe racecar to get you out on the track, and discusses, what the essential components are as well as the associated costs.

Learn what the purpose of technical inspections are and how to be prepared for them.

Now that you have completed building the foundation of your racecar, you can now begin working to make the car faster. Especially if you are still fairly new to racing, do not sacrifice seat time to make the car go faster.


Learn to control costs of repairing and maintaining your racecar. Determine the basic tools you will need to repair and maintain your racecar, and learn some thrifty tricks in the process.

Using the correct tools, and our expertise, you will learn how to do some basic repairs. Save MORE money with repairing the racecar yourself.

What seperates the cars you want to race from those you don't? The way it looks! Learn how to make your car desirable and up to code.

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