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The smell and sounds of cars racing around the track. The competition and adrenaline as racers push each other to their limits. The wonderful camaraderie among competitors as well as workers. All of this and so many other aspects make wheel-to-wheel Club Racing amazing! It’s truly something you need to experience for yourself and is more realistic than you might have ever imagined.

The Club Racing Experience: A Day at the Races

We often tend to jump straight to what it’s like to race behind the wheel, but there’s so much more to a race weekend than most would ever think. The driving aspect is just one of the many enjoyable aspects. In this section, you will learn what a day of Club Racing is really like.

Getting Your Feet Wet and Developing a Plan

The process of starting to get into Club Racing can seem daunting at times. Learn how you can begin racing on a budget ranging from economy to extravagant and begin making your plans.

Club Racing and Safety

How Safe is Club Racing and What is Done to Address Safety? It seems that one of the first questions spouses and other family members (especially mothers) ask is how safe is Club Racing? This is a valid question. Learn what steps you and clubs take to make racing safer.

Snell Helmet Ratings Explained What is a Snell helmet rating and how does this effect you?

Head and Neck Restraint Systems, and Exercises Can You do to Further Improve Safety? Neck injuries represent the number one cause of serious injuries in road racing. Learn what safety devices are available and how they can help to protect you.


Going Back to School – the Competition Licensing School

What needs to be done to prepare the car and driver for a club licensing school? What can you expect? Do you need crew?

Club Racing Costs

How Much Does the Event Cost You and the Club? Learn not only what it costs you to race, but also how much it costs a club to host an event.

Costs for Personal Safety Equipment & the Racecar How much does it actually cost to go racing? We provide you actual dollar amounts for personal safety equipment and if you were to build a basic racecar.

Annual Racing Budget This sample budget takes into consideration the other costs associated with racing such as club membership dues, fuel costs and several other items.

Note: We recommend that you review the information contained in "The Racecar" and "Transporting the Racecar" sections of this site.

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