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Have you ever wanted to take your street car out on the track to see what it can do? High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) allow you to take your car out on a road racing track in a safe, controlled environment at a modest cost. As a novice, in-car and classroom instruction are provided with the entry fee. The vehicle you use can be anything from a typical grocery getter Corolla or Civic to a Porsche. HPDEs are not racing events and passing is limited to straight-aways. It is an amazingly fun way to take your out on the track and experience the thrills.

Time to Drive on a Racetrack

Did you realize that you can safely drive your streetcar on professional road course race tracks? Getting started in HPDEs is much easier and safer than you might think. In this section, you値l learn what these events are all about.

Preparation Before the Event

Prior to attending the event, there are several things you値l need to learn and do. For example, you should be aware of steps you should complete on your vehicle痴 brake system to ensure the car is ready for a track day. Also included is information about tires and a pre-event check list.

Summary of Primary Costs & Things You Do Not Need to Buy

What costs are associated with participating in a HPDE beyond the entry fee? This list provides a great summary of various items you need to factor, and provides an actual dollar amount associated with each. You値l also learn what items you should avoid purchasing.

At the High Performance Driving Event

Once you arrive at the HPDE, what else should you do so that you値l be ready to go out on the track? Also discussed are additional tips such as being properly hydrated and taking advantage of instructors who are at the event. Be prepared.

Time Trial Events

An explanation of what time trial events are, how they differ from HPDEs, and our personal opinions about these types of events. Learn more about time trial events.

Snell Helmet Ratings Explained

What is a Snell helmet rating and how does this effect you? Prior to attending your HPDE, you値l need to know what this is.Understand the helmets you need to race in HPDE's.

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