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Choosing the Right Tire Pressure Gauge

Deciding which tire pressure gauge to purchase can be a bit overwhelming considering the numerous options available . The good news is after you start defining your needs and preferences, the right choice quickly becomes clearer. This article will describe the differences in gauges and simplify the selection process for you.

For the purpose of this article, we spoke with an industry expert and one of our sponsors who make this resource possible – OG Racing. Please show them your support with your racing gear needs.

Use of Your Gauge

Have you ever found yourself taking with friends or even industry experts at an event about optimum tire pressures then simply setting your pressures based on that?

A few years ago I was at a track and set the tire pressures on my racecar. A friend of mine Continue reading

2014 Buick Regal AWD Premium II – Performance Luxury Made More Affordable

When you hear the name “Buick” what’s the first things that comes to your mind? American luxury? Cars driven by seniors? Well, there’s more to Buick than just those things. With attractive designs, more efficient yet more powerful engines, and new technologies, they are attracting new customers to their portfolio. And it doesn’t stop there. Buick also makes a mid-size luxury vehicle that’s actually sporty too, which is helping to attract even younger buyers to Buick. That vehicle is Continue reading

2014 BMW 335i xDrive Gran Turismo – A Great Package or Just a Bloated Commuter Car?

I just can’t stand the way station wagons look! Yet as a family that begrudgingly has one that was intended to be a winter beater, I can’t say it doesn’t offer nice utility. We also have an SUV which yields ample room for the family and whatever gear we desire to tote around. The SUV’s fuel mileage is horrible, the ride is boring, and if I didn’t require a vehicle that can tow my racecar we wouldn’t own one.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fall into the camp who believes that we need the biggest vehicle possible and nothing short of a Chevy Suburban will work for our family of four. Hell, we made a two-person sports car work while having a boy in our family until he was five years old. Then when our daughter was born, it was time to transition to a “family car” which recently became a BMW 135i convertible. Yet I’m unique and have Continue reading

New SCCA Race Class with Minimal Cost and Preparation

Improved Touring – EZ
The purpose of IT‐EZ is to be an SCCA regional class where car preparation can be kept to a minimum. Cars that are built using ChumpCar or Lemons rules are welcome. As opposed to any other class of SCCA road racing, IT‐EZ competition is designed as a “fun run” class, without any promise or intent of performance equitability. IT‐EZ is designed to provide a way for drivers to earn an SCCA racing license and race in regional competition, with the absolute lowest cost vehicle. In no Continue reading

New Product Release: Bell GT5 Touring Helmet

Introducing the new Bell GT5 Touring Helmet from our partners at OG Racing who help make this resource possible.

New for 2014, the Bell GT5 Touring Helmet is designed primarily for closed car forms of racing and offers high-end features and performance at an affordable price. The versatile design allows the GT5 Touring to be used as a large eyeport helmet with a standard shield, or as an open helmet with an adjustable sun peak that combines the feel of an open face helmet, but with the protection of a full face model.

The GT5 Touring is based on Bell’s new High Performance (HP) design platform with styling that incorporates aggressive upper chin bar and top vents for outstanding Continue reading

Vehicle Speed Dating at the Monticello Motor Club

Recently we at Go Ahead – Take the Wheel had a chance to sample a few dozen of the latest and greatest vehicles from several different manufacturers on the entertaining country club track at the Monticello Motor Club, as well as its surrounding public streets. Like speed dating, you experience a lot in too short a time, but you leave with many lasting impressions. Here are some quick thoughts of some notable machines: Continue reading

2013 Audi S4 – The Family Man’s M3

It’s hard to argue that the BMW M3 has become a legend…an icon…and a yardstick to measure others by in the automotive enthusiasts world. Over the years BMW has made two and four door versions, as well as a convertible. But the constant through the ages (since the first E30 series version) has been the two door coupe, which is the only version currently available. It has it all: sonorous motor with class leading power, generally high level handling, and checks in all the must have boxes: proper seating position, proper shifting, excellent steering, and vault-like construction. BMW pricing ensures that it has decent cache’ as well.
But, with all the goodness come issues. Two doors limit utility, and for a third of the population of the upper 48 states, it’s rear wheel drive proves troublesome when the Continue reading

2014 Chevy Silverado – Familiar, but Better

The Silverado is the single biggest selling vehicle for Chevrolet, accounting for approximately one of every four Chevys sold. To say that this truck is important to Chevy is an understatement. As time moves forward, it’s necessary for Chevy to keep the truck modern without going too far from what attracts people to the Silverado.
Truck owners are extremely loyal to “their” brand and once chosen, they are often bound to them for life. As a result, the goal with the new Chevrolet Silvarado was to target the Chevy faithful, taking the aspects owners love, and improving areas that they felt were lacking. This is exactly why the new Silverado doesn’t appear drastically different, at least on the surface. The reality is that Chevy needed to retain their winning formula, and blend the Continue reading

Searching for a racing event to watch or attend? Look here!

Green, green, green!


goes live to the world.


After a month of successful beta testing and listening to feedback, PaddockScene has already made many improvements. So, they are forging ahead and transitioning over to their full live site.

PaddockScene is an easy-to-use automotive event directory. Find and share races and events that are happening near you. PaddockScene believes that gearheads deserve to know what is going on near them without looking at two dozen websites. Join them! You can build your full automotive calendar, and contribute events that you are attending, organizing, or promoting. Check out the press release below straight from our good friends at PaddockScene!

Continue reading

What to Look For in Racing Schools

Attending a car racing school can be a fantastic way for both novices and experienced drivers to improve upon your on-track driving abilities and race craft. Before you make a decision on which racing school you’ll attend, there are several important factors you should consider. What I suggest you do is to make a list of what you want to gain from participating in the school, and give thought to which are the highest in priority.

For most of us, the cost to attend a school is near the top of our list of considerations. The financial aspect certainly involves the initial cost to enter the school, but goes beyond this. Continue reading

Don’t Look at the Ditch

The advice that Chris Vanderwolk provides below is so true and helpful. I cannot tell you just how important where you look is. Look at a vehicle – hit a ditch, car in front goes off – you follow, and so on.

Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle will tell you that you never look at the ditch. Why? Because if you look at the ditch, you’ll end up in the ditch. You do not want to be in the ditch. Bad things happen in the ditch.

Within this bit of advice is the most important rule of race driving: look where you want to go. Autocross schools may cover the lower half of your windshield with blue painter’s tape to force you to look ahead. Instructors will focus their efforts on getting you to look at the Continue reading

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4×4 – Quick Drive

We are big fans of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the latest upgrades Jeep made for 2014 make this vehicle even more appealing than ever.

Although there is a new optional 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine that delivers an estimated 30 mpg highway (4X2 model), a driving range of more than 730 miles and a towing capability of 7,400 pounds, our vehicle is equipped with the Continue reading

A Change of Perspective

The Miata purchase is going to work out well, it’s going to drive fast, and it’s going be a lot of fun long-term. I keep telling myself this and must believe in it. While I was initially disappointed, I’ve vowed to be positive. This would be my wife’s influence. I just want to whine, yet am starting to believe that while things haven’t started off great, it’ll turn around. Positive energy. Yup, that’s what is needed.

Ever hear of Reiki? The quick summary is that it’s a Japanese technique for stress reduction, healing, and what the car (and myself) needed – removal of negative energy. The word Reiki stands for universal life force energy. Even if I don’t totally buy into it, my wife is a Reiki Master and I’m ready to try just about anything. And there certainly has been negative energy surrounding the racecar as of late. I had her do Reiki on the car, and I also spent some time in the garage with the car to bond with it. Yes, I am perfectly aware of how dumb that sounds but over some time it did make me feel more connected to it. With racing, the mental aspect of the driver is so vital to being successful. If I felt like it helped, it did.

Trying to Gain Zen in Dave's Garage

In order to attend the next upcoming high performance driving event (HPDE), I needed to get the car quieter to meet the tracks strict sound restriction. I called a few local exhaust shops and they weren’t able to do the custom exhaust work. Finally I called a smaller Continue reading

Little in Racing Ever Goes as Planned

A few months prior to the purchase of the new racecar, my wife forgot to put the passenger window up on our Tahoe and it rained that evening. Unfortunately this time the rain caused a short resulting in both the passenger side window and the electric seat not operating. (Just two sentences into the article, my wife is already yelling at me with rebuttals!) Now granted, I must admit it could have easily been me who did this, but there is gratification that I can blame her this one time for something legitimate. (I swear everything else I blame her for must be true!) I replaced a blown fuse, and was able to get the window up before it blew again. Eh, it was just the passenger side and the seat was where we wanted it anyways.

Just after I planned the trip down south to pick up my new racecar, mysteriously the seat and window issues decided to swap sides. Suddenly the passenger side electronics worked, but the driver’s side did not. The seat position was tolerable, but the pedals height Continue reading