Whether you’re looking to mount the Replay XD or another Lipstick (also known as Bullet) camera, this inexpensive mount does the job! When I received the RAM roll bar camera mount, I didn’t have high expectations based upon its appearance and low price of just under $40. I mean, it looks a bit odd with a sprung clamping arm and other pieces with rubber balls mounted to it.

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice of a mounting system this turned out to be. The V-shaped roll bar mount easily mates up with bars ranging from 1 ½” to 2” using the supplied metal bands to secure it. That weird looking clamp and rubber balls? It made adjusting the angle a cinch and successfully absorbed vibration.

Don’t have a roll bar? OG Racing also sells a suction cup based model which I’m sure works equally as well.

Regardless of what type of lipstick camera you’re considering using this with, it’s a product I certainly recommend.

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