It’s been a couple years since we’ve first seen the i8 concept, and fortunately the production version of the car retains the striking looks of the concept we like so much.

This time, we had the opportunity to sit in it. Like we remembered, the doors are scissored.  They open and close almost as easily as regular doors.  When seated inside, you feel the sportiness of the exterior continue into the interior with its driver-focused layout and center console angled towards the driver.

The i8 is a plug in hybrid vehicle that combines an electric drive system producing 129 hp and 184 lb-ft torque at the front wheels with a three-cylinder turbo motor producing 228 hp and 236 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels.  Combined horsepower is 357.  Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 4.2 seconds.  It can operate solely in electric mode for up to 22 miles and remain in eDrive in speeds up to 75 mph. The combined range in hybrid mode is over 310 miles in everyday conditions.

Starting price for the i8 is $135,700, which unfortunately puts it out of the price range of most buyers.  But for those that shell out this amount of money for this car will be rewarded with an exclusive sports car that gets great mileage, looks great, and will surely put a huge smile on the face of anyone inside.