The purpose of our driving technique section is not to replace other fantastic resources out there, but instead to supplement them. While some of the information in our articles overlaps with what you may have already read, there is undoubtedly value to hearing a different perspective or simply reinforcing techniques.

For a while I’ve put aside doing any type of driving technique articles for multiple reasons including the fact that I’m not a paid pro driver. Although I’m not a paid professional racer, I’ve managed to do quite well for myself and have earned multiple track records as well as race wins. In addition to sharing the information that I personally have accumulated, other experienced drivers including National SCCA Runoffs Champions, and paid Professional racecar drivers will post articles.

Much like the rest of this resource, our goal is to present information to you as if we’re just chatting either at the track or over a few beers. You will see illustrations done in pen and paper just as we’d do at the track when conducting in-person coaching. As with our other articles that we post, we want these to be interactive. So don’t be bashful in posting questions or related driving tips you have in the comments section of each article. We look forward to you joining in our discussions.
Dave leading the ITB field

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Other resources we recommend: Going Faster and some of the Speed Secrets books.