Driving Techniques

The advice that Chris Vanderwolk provides below is so true and helpful. I cannot tell you just how important where you look is. Look at a vehicle – hit a ditch, car in front goes off – you follow, and so on. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle will tell you that you never look […]

John Neisbitt’s article “A Driver’s Guide to Protests” provides extremely valuable information in the event you need to protest another driver. Even for experienced drivers, filing a protest is often a daunting task and something we try to avoid. At some point in your racing career, it might become necessary to file a protest. I […]

When weather reports hint at the prospect of rain, many drivers cringe. Yet there is another set of drivers who perk in anticipation, and begin their best rain dance rendition. I’ve literally found myself transformed into a kid after a wet track session jumping in puddles with a big smile. However I didn’t always have […]