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Use This Resource to Begin Participating in Motorsports and Continue Your Racing Education

"Whether as a hobby or as a potential career, Go Ahead - Take the Wheel gives you everything you need to know to get started in racing." Michael Andretti
Read additional testimonials from the Sports Car Club of America, Road & Track, MOTORTREND, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine and more here.

Using this website, you’ll learn:


Post PicAutocross your streetcar as-is in a very safe and controlled environment for as low as $20! The course is held in an open lot defined by cones. You won’t be racing wheel-to-wheel, instead you will be competing against other drivers based on your lap time. If you are picturing a cheesy course with someone timing you with a stopwatch, think again.
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High Performance Driving Events & Time Trials

Post PicIf you’ve ever dreamed of driving your streetcar on a racetrack, High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) offers you this opportunity. You’ll receive classroom instruction and have an experienced instructor ride in our car to provide guidance. Passing is limited to the straights. This is not a race - it’s focus is on having fun and learning.

Time trial events are geared more to advanced drivers. The morning typically consists of practice sessions but in the afternoon, drivers go out on the track for timed runs. During these timed runs, only a few cars are out on the track at once. Each driver races against the clock; time trials are not wheel-to-wheel racing events. Entry fees for both HPDEs and Time Trials range from $200 - $320 for the event including instruction. Learn More...

Wheel-to-Wheel Club Racing

Post PicYou will be racing wheel-to-wheel with other prepared racecars. There are many classes and cars to choose between depending upon your budget and what appeals to you the most. Each racecar needs to meet various safety requirements. An already built safe (not necessarily competitive) racecar can be purchased for as little as $3,000 and as you’d imagine can go up from there. You’ll need to know quite a bit of information to begin Club Racing and if you’re not careful, costs beyond the typical. $250 - $350 entry fee can add up quickly. Learn More...

Vehicle Reviews and Articles

Post PicWe believe that driving isn’t just about the destination – it’s about the experience. In this section of our site we review vehicles with the automotive enthusiast in mind, from sports cars to tow vehicles. Our testing is completed on real roads where the vehicles will be driven most often. In our articles, we focus on what each vehicle is designed to do and judge whether it delivers on those claims. We also dig deeper to uncover the vehicles true soul and describe what the emotional experience of driving the car is like. Learn More...