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Originally written as a book, this website can be a valuable tool to those in the motorsports industry - providing knowledge and insight for both newcomers and seasoned veterans. We update the site often to provide the latest information across our areas of expertise. And we always welcome input from our many visitors!

  1. Autocross

    Autocross your streetcar as-is in a very safe and controlled environment for as low as $20! The course is held in an open lot defined by cones. You won’t be racing wheel-to-wheel, instead you will be competing against other drivers based on lap times. If you’re picturing a cheesy course with someone timing you with a stopwatch, think again… Learn more now!

  2. High Performance Driving Events & Time Trials

    If you’ve ever dreamed of driving your streetcar on a racetrack, High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) might be for you! You’ll receive classroom instruction and have an experienced instructor riding in your car  providing guidance. This is not a race and passing is limited to the straightaways. Having fun and learning is the focus.

    Time trial events are geared more toward advanced drivers. Mornings typically consist of practice sessions, while in the afternoon drivers go on-track for timed runs. During timed runs, only a few cars are out on the track at once. Each driver races against the clock; not wheel-to-wheel. Entry fees for both HPDEs and Time Trials range from $200 – $320 per event, including instruction. Get started today!

  3. Club Racing

    You will be racing wheel-to-wheel with other prepared racecars. There are many classes and cars to choose between, depending upon your budget and what appeals to you the most. Each racecar needs to meet various safety requirements. An already built safe (not necessarily competitive) racecar can be purchased for as little as $3,000 and, as you’d imagine, can go up from there. You’ll need to know quite a bit of information to begin Club Racing and if you’re not careful, costs beyond the typical. $250 – $350 entry fee can add up quickly. Get started here.

  4. Car Preparation & Build

    Regardless of your racing intentions, this section will help you properly prepare your car. Here we discuss making modifications and ensuring any changes are within the rules of the class(es) you will be competing in. We’ll also help layout a framework for attaining the goals you’re establishing for the future. Find out what to expect.

  5. Car Trailers

    You have a obtained a racecar… Now how are you going to transport it to and from the race track. Find a solution here.

  6. Driving Techniques

    Here we provide several different resources that will help you as your establish your racing career behind the wheel. Read more.

  7. In-depth Articles, Reviews and Reports

    Join us for vehicle reviews, racing articles, racecar build diaries, product reviews, and much more. Get the perspective of our motorsports enthusiasts!

  8. Volunteering

    Volunteering is one of the best ways to become closely involved in racing! Motorsports is so much more than just driving and there are many ways to become part of the action. Clubs – such as the Sports Car Club of America – would love to have you become actively involved. Volunteer today!