In our previous article we discussed the costs to rent the ride, but expenses do not end there. To start with, the gentleman driver has to pay to get to the event, hotel accommodations, and the entry fees which start at $2,000 for the racing series we are discussing. On top of that, there’s the […]

In this series of articles, we will dive into the hidden and often secretive realities of professional road racing in the United States. We will discuss several topics such as the steps to become a pro driver, what it’s like once you’re there, common misconceptions people have, and what it’s like to operate a professional […]

Improved Touring – EZ The purpose of IT‐EZ is to be an SCCA regional class where car preparation can be kept to a minimum. Cars that are built using ChumpCar or Lemons rules are welcome. As opposed to any other class of SCCA road racing, IT‐EZ competition is designed as a “fun run” class, without […]

Introducing the new Bell GT5 Touring Helmet from our partners at OG Racing who help make this resource possible. New for 2014, the Bell GT5 Touring Helmet is designed primarily for closed car forms of racing and offers high-end features and performance at an affordable price. The versatile design allows the GT5 Touring to be […]