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A Pure Performance Coupe at an Affordable Price When Nissan set out to design the 370Z, they wanted to produce something sexy that would highlight the vehicle’s technical and mechanical details. They also wanted to honor the history of the 240Z and 280Z while giving the new model a fresh, more aggressive, modern design. What […]

A full-sized 4-door American muscle car with plenty of room and comfort If you’re in the market for an American muscle car, but need four doors, a roomy back seat, and an automatic transmission, than you’re in luck. The 2012 Dodge Charger R/T is a car that meets those needs. The Charger originally hit the automotive scene in […]

The Detroit Auto Show, officially named the North American International Auto Show, begins on January 9th and runs until January 22nd. This show is viewed as one of the most prestigious auto events in the world and for 2012 it will be featuring 53 vehicle debuts with 32 of those being worldwide introductions. Join us […]

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Let’s just say that the Nelson Ledges “The Longest Day” event held by ChumpCar was an experience. Actually, the Nelson Ledges was an experience by itself, and on top of that there was the ChumpCar event. As we approached the track, our GPS system was telling us that we were only a few hundred feet […]