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First things first: I own a 2007 Mazda3, and Dave (Chief Editor at Go Ahead Take the Wheel) races an ITA Miata. So we get the whole Zoom-Zoom concept. Mazda defines it as exhilaration and liberation from experiencing the emotion of motion. But both our vehicles are

We are big fans of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the latest upgrades Jeep made for 2014 make this vehicle even more appealing than ever. Although there is a new optional 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine that delivers an estimated 30 mpg highway (4X2 model), a driving range of more than 730 miles and a towing capability […]

Where’s the gullwing? Once you’re behind the wheel, it doesn’t really matter, although there is something special about a supercar with gullwing doors parked with the doors up. You can’t do that with this soft top convertible though. But you can drop the top for an exhilarating open air experience, which is what we did. […]

The ActiveHybrid 3 is BMW’s new gas/electric version of the 3-Series, a premium compact car that the automotive press has been bowing down to for decades due to its unparallelled balance of luxury, comfort and performance in its class. Surprisingly BMW chose to mate the battery-powered 55 hp electric motor to the