16Oct 2014

2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible As we regularly made trips to the gas station and watched the amount of money we spent on fuel amass, we were unaware that we managed to put on 1,200 miles in just five short days! This was one of the very few vehicles we had no problem paying this price […]

24Jul 2014

The first generation Mazda3 was first introduced to us over ten years ago (pictured on the right). It helped change the way people viewed the compact car segment which consisted of many vehicles that were uninspiring, lacked performance, felt cheap, or had questionable reliability. The Mazda3, however, felt like a more expensive sporty car at […]

08Nov 2013

It’s hard to argue that the BMW M3 has become a legend…an icon…and a yardstick to measure others by in the automotive enthusiasts world. Over the years BMW has made two and four door versions, as well as a convertible. But the constant through the ages (since the first E30 series version) has been the two door coupe, […]

24Sep 2013

First things first: I own a 2007 Mazda3, and Dave (Chief Editor at Go Ahead Take the Wheel) races an ITA Miata. So we get the whole Zoom-Zoom concept. Mazda defines it as exhilaration and liberation from experiencing the emotion of motion. But both our vehicles are