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One of the major aspects of our build project will be to give it new look, with the most important part being a paint job changing the color. This is certainly one of the fun pieces and we’ve had plenty of discussions about what color to paint the Miata in our house and at the […]

Why Does the Miata Have Such a Cult-like Following? If you’re a car enthusiast and have never experienced a Miata first-hand, you might be wondering why it has such a cult-like following. Our 1997 NA generation Miata only has a small four-cylinder engine producing 133-horsepower. Yet to the unsuspecting, there’s a lot more to this […]

For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to bring my car to the dyno to get a feel for the health of the engine. At this point it’s fairly old and believed it was down on power. My assumptions were accurate unfortunately but overall, it was still a strong running engine. This just means […]

I’ve often wondered in Club Racing, what separates the drivers who are consistently at the front of the pack and winning, to other drivers? Is it just the amount of money and time they can dedicate towards racing? And more importantly, how can someone who doesn’t have those resources not only compete but win? While […]

Previously Hoosier made a dirt tire call Dirt Stocker which while not designed for road racing, had a DOT rating and became THE rain race tire to have. The amount of grip they provided in heavy rain conditions was honestly amazing. However, if the track dried you were in big trouble as the tires were […]

In this review, I’ll provide my feedback of  the ShakeKit after using it for a few months.  I stumbled across the product on one of the racing forums and it immediately intrigued me as a possible way to make the sim more engaging and fun.  This is an unbiased review where no product or other […]

If you are new to reading this series, you can click on the Categories drop down on the right side of the page to read more Sim Racing articles. I have been racing in SCCA’s Improved Touring category for 17 years now and have really taken the time to study and continually improve. Even after […]

While building a nice racing simulator does take work and can be a bit confusing, this article provides you a recipe of the various items that I researched and then purchased.  As with any recipe you can tailor it to your needs.  My goal when deciding which items to purchase was to build a simulator […]

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