Introduction After testing a 2011 GTI, we were very impressed with the car.  One of our editors even bought one.  Yes, the GTI is a great daily driver that feels like a car costing thousands more than it does, but we found ourselves wondering what the car would be like with more power, a sportier suspension, and more […]

Let’s just start with a confession: I’m not objective about the 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI. I’ve been a “Fan of Fahrvergnügen” for 40+ years, starting back when my Dad bought a brandy-new orange Kharmann Ghia convertible; my first new car (and first race car) was a 1983 Rabbit GTi. I strayed into quattro/turbo Audis but […]

A well balanced fun to drive sedan at an affordable price When Volkswagen redesigned the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, they designed the car to make it more affordable, and appeal to a broader demographic to increase sales. VW went with a smaller and less powerful base engine, a less expensive twist beam rear suspension, rear drum […]