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For many years I’ve been told that SCCA has a fairly unique medical insurance plan for its entrants and registered crew which many other racing organizations don’t have anything like it. If you are a part of SCCA Road Racing events, this truly is important information to know. And if you race with other organizations, […]

(Part 1 is here) We woke up Thursday to an even more beautiful day than Wednesday (quite welcoming, given the winter we had in the Northeast): clear blue skies and lukewarm. The track didn’t open to us until 10:30AM, so we had a somewhat-relaxing breakfast buffet (“somewhat” given the anticipation of the day) and talked about […]

Did reading Nürburgring just make you shiver? Yep, me too! I spent several days at this racetrack and thought you might find my musings interesting, maybe interesting enough so you make that jump, too (while you still can; more later). And you want to, trust me. If you’ve ever thought or even just fantasized about driving […]

So the rest of the morning I tried to fill my brain with SoM/Tech stuff, and see if I could help out the other IT7 guys. Anything to get my head off of the afternoon race. You’ve been there, you know what I mean. Lunch, water, glad to see that weather is getting warmer (though […]

So, some time last year, I’m hanging out with the IT7 Gang (Pack? Gaggle?) drinking some after-race beers and we get to talking (IT7 is a regional class made up of older RX-7s). “So, why don’t you come race with us, Mister tGA??” and I’m all like “blah, blah, blah, sure why not, blah, hand […]

RealWorldRoadTests is back home from the Press Days for the 2012 New York International Auto Show. We’ll begin posting articles throughout the upcoming days about individual manufacturers, cars, and trends, but for now here’s your very own press preview on what to expect in 2013 and beyond. The mood of the auto industry seems to […]

Let’s just start with a confession: I’m not objective about the 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI. I’ve been a “Fan of Fahrvergnügen” for 40+ years, starting back when my Dad bought a brandy-new orange Kharmann Ghia convertible; my first new car (and first race car) was a 1983 Rabbit GTi. I strayed into quattro/turbo Audis but […]