Tool Cost

Before you start getting stressed out about the below tool prices, this list assumes that you do not currently have any tools. The majority of these items were priced using new Craftsman tools that were not on sale. The majority of the tools are better than what I have been using for several years now. As one example, the 53 piece tool set is a much nicer set than what I’ve used for several years. Fortunately there is good news with these items. It is not necessary for you to run out and purchase all of these items at once, and after you have the tools, you shouldn’t need to replace them often. Many tool manufactures even have a lifetime guarantee where the company will replace them without any questions.

toolboxesTool box: $50
Safety glasses: $12
Painter’s mask: $10 – $30
Box of 50 disposable latex gloves: $4
Metric and SAE tool sets: 53 piece $30; 117 piece $80
Inexpensive torque wrench: $50+ (I have used a few of the best rated tekton 1/2 torque wrenches over the years and so I think I have finally found the best one for my needs)
Wire stripper: $20
Spark plug gap tool: $5
Flashlight: $20
Mechanics gloves: $25
Jack (an inexpensive one will suffice): $30
Jack stands (2): $20
Tire pressure gauge: $34
Drill: $20 (A good drill will likely be a higher price than this but will have better features, such as being cordless.)
Drill bits: $12
Set of metal files: $20
Set of pliers: $15
Tin shears: $12
Screwdriver set: $30
Set of adjustable wrenches: $30
Breaker bar: $25
Iron pipe (24″ long, 1″ diameter): $5
Large rubber hammer: $15
Metal hammer: $20
Large metal hammer (my favorite tool!): $22
Pry bar: $15
Ball bearing fork: $10
Jumper cables: $10
Home-built brake bleeder tool: $10

If you elect to build your racecar, there are a few additional tools that you will need. For example, if you have a sunroof and need to replace the skin thus possibly requiring a jigsaw ($30), blades ($10), rivet gun ($15) and rivets. When stripping the interior, you will also need a chisel ($10).