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It’s hard to argue that the BMW M3 has become a legend…an icon…and a yardstick to measure others by in the automotive enthusiasts world. Over the years BMW has made two and four door versions, as well as a convertible. But the constant through the ages (since the first E30 series version) has been the two door coupe, […]

Most production cars have an oil system consisting of a sump (commonly referred to as the oil pan) which houses the oil supply, an oil pump with a screened pickup, and internal passages in the block to provide pressurized oil to bearings, cams and the like. Sometimes oil is sprayed under pistons for cooling purposes. […]

Fuel sipping for the masses – Life is all roses Sometimes things aren’t as you expect. The Prius has been a huge sales hit, it outsold every other hybrid combined for 11 years, and we are now in the cars third generation. Toyota has refined and sharpened it’s capabilities, resulting in more efficiency, and of […]

When buyers think of the new group of plug in hybrid cars, they are most aware of technologies such as the battery pack, the motor/generator, as well as the different displays and instrumentation. But looking deeper reveals a host of other items that are quite different than what we’ve become used to with internal combustion […]

When a major auto firm decides to build a concept, it first establishes a strategy and settles on the goals for the design. People always ask, “Why do they make concept cars?” There are a lot of reasons that range from exploring new packaging and technologies, to generating interest and gauging public reaction, to ‘preparing’ […]

More, More, More…and Less A saying goes “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but one look back at the history of BMW’s 3 series shows that it’s either gotten cheaper through the years, we got a bigger sandwich, a healthier one, or all three. Toward the end of its run in 1991, the […]

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