The Ultimate Driving Toyota! Toyota reintroduced the Supra to us in 2019 as the 2020 GR Supra. This time though, instead of building it by themselves, they teamed up with BMW. Its BMW sibling, the Z4, is a roadster (2-seat, rear-wheel drive convertible). Although many new performance cars are coming out with turbocharged four-cylinder engines […]

When designing the FR-S and allocating where the relatively small build budget should be directed, the focus was on the important aspects of a true enthusiast’s car. Beyond the sporty aesthetics of the car’s exterior, it was critical that the car handled well and is fun to drive out on the track. And to capture […]

Fuel sipping for the masses – Life is all roses Sometimes things aren’t as you expect. The Prius has been a huge sales hit, it outsold every other hybrid combined for 11 years, and we are now in the cars third generation. Toyota has refined and sharpened it’s capabilities, resulting in more efficiency, and of […]