It’s hard to argue that the BMW M3 has become a legend…an icon…and a yardstick to measure others by in the automotive enthusiasts world. Over the years BMW has made two and four door versions, as well as a convertible. But the constant through the ages (since the first E30 series version) has been the two door coupe, […]

Where’s the gullwing? Once you’re behind the wheel, it doesn’t really matter, although there is something special about a supercar with gullwing doors parked with the doors up. You can’t do that with this soft top convertible though. But you can drop the top for an exhilarating open air experience, which is what we did. […]

The ActiveHybrid 3 is BMW’s new gas/electric version of the 3-Series, a premium compact car that the automotive press has been bowing down to for decades due to its unparallelled balance of luxury, comfort and performance in its class. Surprisingly BMW chose to mate the battery-powered 55 hp electric motor to the

The CTS-V is as a luxurious vehicle, with massive amounts of power on tap. While the Cadillac brand had traditionally been thought as a car for a much older subdued driver, the CTS-V is anything but that. The car is full of sharp angles, folds, and interesting details such as the unique headlight design, grill […]

When designing the FR-S and allocating where the relatively small build budget should be directed, the focus was on the important aspects of a true enthusiast’s car. Beyond the sporty aesthetics of the car’s exterior, it was critical that the car handled well and is fun to drive out on the track. And to capture […]

Most production cars have an oil system consisting of a sump (commonly referred to as the oil pan) which houses the oil supply, an oil pump with a screened pickup, and internal passages in the block to provide pressurized oil to bearings, cams and the like. Sometimes oil is sprayed under pistons for cooling purposes. […]