Introduction After testing a 2011 GTI, we were very impressed with the car.  One of our editors even bought one.  Yes, the GTI is a great daily driver that feels like a car costing thousands more than it does, but we found ourselves wondering what the car would be like with more power, a sportier suspension, and more […]

Fuel sipping for the masses – Life is all roses Sometimes things aren’t as you expect. The Prius has been a huge sales hit, it outsold every other hybrid combined for 11 years, and we are now in the cars third generation. Toyota has refined and sharpened it’s capabilities, resulting in more efficiency, and of […]

A Practical and Economical, Yet Pretty Fun Hatchback A typical criticism of small cars is that they’re…small. However, do not let the Fit’s exterior size fool you. The interior of the car is where it really stands out, not just in terms of space but also simplicity. Sitting inside the car, we found it to […]

More attractive, more efficient, still all-wheel drive. Overview Extreme weather is experienced throughout the country. In some regions, it can change drastically from one day to the next.  One day it can be warm and sunny, and the next day there can be a blistering snow storm. This is exactly why Subaru’s are so appealing. They offer